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Boris Volpe, SAP CIS


Boris Volpe, SAP CISAchievements

Boris Volpe, currently Executive Director of SAP CIS, is known in business circles not only for his extremely successful sales and marketing experience, but also for his well-founded and highly professional approach to business. It may be because of his scientific background.

His recent achievements include reorganizing SAP’s Russian office structure, where he created effective and well-tuned marketing system.

“The company’s structure was reorganized according to the business strategy on the Russian market,” said he. “We have built end-to-end control system and our business processes now combine marketing, sales and customer support blocks. This helped us to enter the new industries and segments and to extend our client base.”

Career Highlights

Boris Volpe graduated Altai Technological Institute with degree in physics. He defended his candidate thesis in 1992 and successfully headed a group of researchers. In 1992 he went to Toronto University where he became a PHD and a member of New York Science Academy. He wrote 189 research based articles and has about 70 inventor's certificates. Living in the USA he shifted to business and became a production manager, and later a marketing manager in FMCG distribution. In 1995 he came back to Russia and worked as a regional sales director in Mars LLC. In 1997 Boris moved to RJR as division manager in central Russia and later as a regional director in Moscow and central Russia. For two years Boris was developing business of JTI. In particular he introduced analytical function, strategy, and sales planning, developing of sales system and distribution management. In 2000 he was invited to Alfa Bank Express Team, where he took a position of product and marketing department director. In 2003 he received an MBA degree from the Open University Business School. In 2004 he was invited to SAP CIS and Baltics.

Leadership Experience

Since his coming to SAP CIS in 2003, Boris Volpe in cooperation with Alexei Shlykov, at that time the company’s CEO, managed to fundamentally transform marketing in SAP. From a weak and PR-supporting function it turned into key business activity which is responsible for company’s strategy. In the beginning Boris had to cope with skepticism of his colleagues, who reluctantly accepted the changes. But finally he managed to overcome their reluctance and today the company operates successfully with wide range of marketing tools.

Among the leadership skills Boris marks out the commitment and vision. “To gain success”, said he, “you have to learn many different skills, but what I value most is a clear vision of the goal”.

“My team consists of bright, clever and well-educated people with a significant experience,” tells Boris, “and it takes me more time and effort to convince them to do what I consider the best. These people care much about who is their leader, they often examine their boss–is he a proper person to lead them. So I have to be always in good intellectual shape.”

But what kind of people Boris Volpe usually chooses for his own team? “First of all, that person must fit the company’s profile. I prefer those professionals who are intellectually versatile, who are communicative, result-oriented, who have success stories from their previous positions, bright and evident achievements on the market.”

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