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Community Update July 11


On July 9 in our project’s office we discussed the mechanism and rules of online coaching at Good2Work with Igor Salita. The report on this 3-hour brainstorming will shortly be published on our site and sent to all the Community participants.

The Good2Work Community continues to be built from above. We had meetings with Alfa Capital Partners (one of the leading Russian investment companies, part of Alfa Group) Chairman Andrey Kosogov and Sergey Petrov, founder of the Rolf Group (the biggest Russian car dealer). They agreed to take part in our project.

Community Update July 11We have written down and published stories by Andrey Kosogov. He told us about need to revise the whole business model when the key executive left the company, how he got his first investment bank position responding to a newspaper ad and how he managed to build a whole new team at a time when there were no investments professionals in Russia.

Earlier we wrote down and published stories by four well-known Russian top-managers.

Community Update July 11Boris Volpe, COO SAP CIS. Registered participants may read his story about his disagreement with his American bosses when he was regional chief of a large international company in Siberia.


Community Update July 11Andrey Yanovsky, CEO of Nidan Soki (one of the biggest Russian juice and juice drinks producers). The Community participants may learn about his career most sharp turning point, and how he at another occasion managed to reach an agreement with informal leader of a team he was sent to lead and thus retained the whole team.


Community Update July 11 Igor Salita, CEO of Jackpot company (an operator of playing machines). He told our Community about an incident, when he once had to investigate a robbery, and how he risked his career fighting for sharp rise in Pepsi-Cola sales.


Community Update July 11 Vladimir Skvortsov, CEO of AlfaStakhovaniye (part of Alfa Group, one of the largest Russian private financial and industrial consortia). His story tells the Community participants that a person who volunteered for a position everybody thinks is too big for him, may still be very successful if he gets it.

All the four want to be online coaches on our site. In a short time we will open applicants lists to join their workshops.

We have already interviewed Vadim Asadov, CEO and founder of NeurOK (Russian-American group of hi-tech companies), and his stories will be posted on the site soon. He gave us his consent to be coach as well.

Successful Russian entrepreneurs Artem Bektemirov, Drugstore chain 36,6, Vadim Goryainov, Red Arrow (Russian film company), and Sergey Orlovsky, Nival Interactive (an international computer video and mobile games developer), have also expressed interest in our project.

We are talking with representatives of the IBS (the leading Russian IT company) CEO Anatoly Karachinsky about his participation.

Sincerely Yours

The Good2Work team


P.S. See also: Benefits for Community Participants (in Russian)

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