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The Tipping Point of Leadersip
The Tipping Point of Leadersip

What will happen if past performance will no longer be the best single predictor of future performance? Will the weight of other predictors grow? Do we have alternatives? Or the quality of leadership will just deteriorate due to the misfits between people and roles and their consequences? If 2013 really was the tipping point for leadership, what's next?

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Alex Gourlay (Walgreens, Alliance Boots): Takeout of the Day: Alex Gourlay (Walgreens, Alliance Boots): "Don't Pretend You Have the Answer When You Don't"

 Alex Gourlay, Executive Vice President, President of Customer Experience and Daily Living, Walgreens, believes that his strongest leadership trait is consistency and explains how to be consistent in the changing environment.

Peter Vullinghs, CEO of Philips in Russia & Central Asia Speaker of the Day: Peter Vullinghs, CEO of Philips in Russia & Central Asia

Peter has been working for Philips for 17 years.  During this time he gained extensive experience in various divisions of Philips and in the markets where the company operates. 

Jeroen de Groot (METRO) recommends Recommended Book: Jeroen de Groot (METRO) recommends "Discipline of Market Leaders" written by Fred Wiersema & Michael Treacy

 This book was important for me. I was working in Thailand at that moment. It was 1995, I think, when it was published. And there also was a workshop that I attended at that moment in Thailand with a Dutch-American author Fred Wiersema. I was very impressed by their approach. They find few models of disciplines, customer intimacy, operational excellence and product excellence, - Jeroen de Groot, Chief Operating Officer at Metro Group (AG)

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Core Competencies of Professional Leaders
Core Competencies of Professional Leaders

Competencies of professional leaders are defined on the basis of structured behavioral interviews with real leaders. They answered questions about their strongest competencies and explained what and, most importantly, how they do it. We tried to underline the “how” component in the names of the competencies we have chosen as  most frequently named by professional leaders.

Simulated Apprenticeship
Simulated Apprenticeship

Simulated Apprenticeship comprises 12 concepts of leadership. Our masters are adding a modern twist to leadership classics with their real life experience in emerging markets. We use modern social media tools to deliver their message.

Leaders' Profiles
Neil Tunstall, Commercial Area Director, International, Indesit
Neil Tunstall, Commercial Area Director, International, Indesit

Neil has vast international experience in marketing and sales operations management both in mature and in emerging markets. At the global scale outside Greater Europe Neil successfully employs his core competecy of relating to people at all different levels to create culture where people are encouraged to take evaluated risks, can learn from mistakes and express their views.